Favorite Winter Accessories

For me, winter has always involved bundling up in as many layers as possible in an effort to conquer the cold. While some might view these circumstances as unfortunate, I like to have fun with the weather that’s thrown at me. Over time my winter accessory collection has grown strong. I like to mix it up with various hats, scarves, gloves, and of course sunglasses. Today I’ll be sharing with you a few of my favorites this year!


At first I was reluctant to buy this considering I already have so many scarves. As it turns out this is probably my favorite purchase of the season. This Zara blanket scarf is the perfect adornment for a cold winter day. Although I stuck to a basic wrap around styling here it can easily be worn many different ways. *I love to wear this when travelling since it can double as a blanket!



These insulated leather gloves have been a staple in my winter wardrobe for a few years now. They are sleek in design with raised detailing that adds just the right amount of chic.




I happen to own copious amounts of cable knit, whether it’s in the form of sweaters, scarves, or hats. Lately this hat has been finding it’s way onto my head very often as it pairs nicely with my winter wardrobe. The classic pom pom adds an air of playfulness to just about any outfit while keeping me warm during cold and windy days. Another one of my winter staples is a cable knit scarf. I have several colors and find they complement just about anything.




Sunglasses are a year long accessory for me. These particular ones which are cat-eye shaped with gold accenting are one of my favorites, they make a statement while exuding sophistication and confidence.


Featured in this post:

Blanket Scarf – Zara

Leather Gloves

Knit Head Wrap – G.H Bass

Cable Knit Hat – Saks Fifth Avenue

Cable Knit Scarf – Costa Blanca

Sunglasses – Zara

Knit Hat (Beige) – Micheal Kors